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Free Shipping Eligible Destinations

At Genie Powered, we operate globally. We have our factories and warehouses on multiple... [READ MORE]

What is Aerodynamic Split Wheels System (ASWS)?

Many supercars and elite performance vehicle manufacturers are starting to install... [READ MORE]

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Why you need forged wheels?

Forged wheels provide considerable advantages, such as being up to 5 times stronger... [READ MORE]

Which cars are best equipped with forged wheels?

Forged wheels are fully custom made with customizable variable like Rim Width, Pitch... [READ MORE]

3 Reasons Why Forged Wheels are NOT for everyone

Forged wheels are made from the most premium raw materials available to the automotive... [READ MORE]

3 Reasons Why Forged Wheels are NOT for me

Forged wheels are considered or categorized as a luxury product so it may be far too... [READ MORE]

When it is necessary to order custom made forged wheels?

Elite or Exotic High-Performance cars are very unique in the manufacturing. Therefore... [READ MORE]

Which Forged Wheels best suit my ride?

Porsche 911 997 991 991.1 991.2 992 992.1 992.2 Carrera S and 4S, we recommend PC224, PN223... [READ MORE]

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5 Top Tips for car tyre SAFETY and Maintenance

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