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Helping our Community

Genie Powered Helping our Community

As a responsible member of the Australian community, our company has decided to make constructive and realistic contributions towards those who are in strife in the Aussie Outback.

So here is our way of 'giving back' to those members in our community whom are in continuous severe struggle due annual wild bush fires, farmland drought and/or livestock life maintenance. Not to mention their harsh daily life thanks to local lack of sufficient irrigation water as well as other natural disasters.

For every purchase of any Full Set of Forged Wheels listed on this website, our company's privately funded charity will donate 1x PORTABLE WATER PUMP or 1x PORTABLE POWER GENERATOR* to help relieve our community in the outback of their cruel environment and to help combat bush fire devastation as well as water shortages and drought.

*(choice of machine depends on availability of the unit and/or what is needed most in that location)

However, all we ask from our donation receivers in return is to leave their feedback comments on our Facebook page (as per link on the bottom left corner of this page), in order to confirm receipt of the donated unit. This feedback is most imperative in order to help us as well as our donors confirm that our cause is real and achieving its objective.

Also, once a month, one of our team members delivers food and grocery supplies to a Church funded organization (COCOS) that is responsible for feeding the homeless and most in need of food, shelter and other basic daily life necessities.

Please note, If you sympathise with our charity's cause without making any purchase, please feel free to deposit any simple donation to account below:

Account Name: Tyre Genie
BSB: 062 221
Account Number: 1029 2765
Reference: DONATION

Our company and our team wish to sincerely thank you in advance for your generous contributions towards the general good and benefit of our Australian community.

Genie Powered Helping our Community