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Why you need forged wheels

Why you need forged wheels?

There are just two types of aftermarket aluminum wheels to consider when shopping for them: cast and forged. The manufacturing procedure is what distinguishes these two types of wheels.

Forged wheels are made of solid aluminum block, that gets heated before being shaped by pressure equipment. The technique of forging a single piece of aluminum into the shape of the wheel rims gives forged wheels their name. Cast wheels, on the other hand, are made of aluminum that has been melted into a liquid form and then poured into molds to get in shape.

Forged wheels provide considerable advantages, such as being up to 5 times stronger and 50% lighter than other aluminum wheel types, which is exactly what you want in a specialized sports car. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive.

So, let's summarize, why you may need forged aluminum wheels:


  • Extreme Race Track Performance
  • Top Speed in the Shortest possible Time
  • Maximize Performance When Pushing Vehicle to its limits under extreme conditions
  • Maximum Strength
  • Maximum Safety
  • Lightest Weight
  • Optimum Acceleration with Least Drag
  • Shortest Braking Distance
  • Peak Performance and Power
  • Optimized Cornering Grip
  • Maximum Fuel Efficiency


  • Flexible technical specification configurations
  • Latest and most stylish designs
  • Modern bespoke look
  • Unique personalized customization by design, color coding, and powder coating
  • Vast array of customized finishing including anodizing
  • Aerodynamic split systems of modern-day elite motoring technology
  • Centre-Lock or centralized single nut-lock specifically made for super cars

Financial Investment Value:

  • Best quality ultra high performance motoring wheels money can buy with top value for your money, which means your investments retains most of its resale value.
  • State of the art manufacturing technology to the highest world-wide standards to ensure product quality matching or exceeding that of OEM.