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5 top tips for the best value for money tyre shopping

5 Top Tips for the BEST VALUE for Money Tyre Shopping to Suit Your Car, Your Needs and Your Driving Conditions

    1. CHECK EXISTING TYRE SIZE: If you’re changing your tyres for the first time since you bought the car brand new, note the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) tyre size, load index and speed index, which should be clearly visible your existing tyres’ side wall and make sure you’re shopping for matching specifications.
    2. CHECK OEM TYRE SIZE ON MANUFACTURER PLACARD: If you have purchased your car second hand, make sure you read your vehicle’s user manual to get the correct tyre specification as the previous owner may have installed a cheap or incorrect option.
    3. SHOPPING FOR THE CHEAPEST IS NOT ALWAYS BEST or SAFEST TYRE OPTION: Tyres are your point of contact with the road, so your safety and much of your car’s performance is determined by the quality of the tyres you buy. The Australian market is flooded with generic brands cheap quality tyres. Often, the tyre patterns get copied or replicated from the premium brands. However, this does not mean that just because the patterns look the same, the performance and safety parameters will also match. Far from it! Therefore, it is critically important to give your tyre selection the time and attention it deserves and spend a little bit extra to buy a brand you can trust or at least has a good reputation on the market. Furthermore, it is important to understand that premium tyre brand manufacturers have a reputation to maintain, warranty policy and public liability. So ultimately, they are responsible for our lives thru the tyres they make. That’s why top tyre manufacturers around the world ensure they are equipped with highly advanced manufacturing technology to deliver world class quality rubber compound and construction with consumer safety as their top priority. Furthermore, with such an abundance of variety and a huge array of top quality brands added to the convenience of modern day online shopping, all the hard work is done for you by using the power of search engine filters to pin point tyre bargain right for you! So unlike the tiresome and tedious task of the old days when you had to ring around to find the best deal, it is now easily possible to find the best value for money tyre deal as so many online tyre dealers offering very competitive prices online within minutes. So these easy yet powerful online search engine tools give you the ability to always shop for tyres with SAFETY as your utmost priority. Tyre Genie strongly recommends shopping for top value for money rather than simply the cheapest available option.
    4. IDENTIFY YOUR DRIVING REQUIRMENTS AND VEHICLE USE: Recognize your driving patterns, terrain, weather conditions to identify your vehicle’s tyre requirement. For example, if you drive in normally dry conditions, it would defy logic to buy Mud & Snow (M+S) suited for wet weather conditions tyre pattern just because those are often available in Australia at a much cheaper price due to their limited demand in the local market.
    5. BUY THE RIGHT TYRES TO SUIT YOUR DRIVING TERRAIN: Buy the right tyres for your environment application. Another word, if you live and work in outback Australia or the country, shop for OFF-ROAD, 4X4 or MUD TERRAIN pattern tyres (rough and aggressive tread patterns for outback Australia, country, gravel, sandy, wet or muddy terrains). Those patterns are usually noisy on tarmac, but if most of your driving is off-road, then this is the right choice for you. If you live and work in the city, be sure you’re shopping for Passenger car radials (PCR), which is the most common and standard tyre on the market. High performance vehicles or sports cars use what is called ultra high performance (UHP) patterns and SUVs require smoother and quieter highway patterns for city or on-road driving. However, if you often drive in a combination of all of the above conditions where it is often wet or snowy, then be sure to look for T/A or A/T tread patterns which stands for ALL TERRAIN. 

    This information can be overwhelming or rather confusing. So if you’d like more information or an expert’s advice, feel free to contact us at and we’ll be too happy to help!