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Carbon Fiber Wheels

Genie Powered

We at Genie Powered can make any wheel design from our catalog with carbon fiber materials. We make both two-piece and three-piece carbon fiber wheels. And we also can apply a carbon fiber layer on the top of the regular forged aluminum wheels. Anything that suits you, all our wheels are custom made to order.

Carbon fiber wheels are the best for performance. They are lightweight, aerodynamic, and ensure way better handling. The carbon fiber wheels are far tougher than any other type of wheel. They can carry more load and can withstand harder impact. The carbon fiber wheels are very long-lasting, best for track days, and look fantastic. Plus, the resell value is always sky high.

We make our two-piece carbon fiber wheels with a 100% genuine carbon fiber rim and a fully forged aluminum center. The aluminum center then gets sealed and bolted to the carbon fiber rim. This is done for better structural rigidity as different wheel designs have different breaking points, and our wheel catalog has very complex center designs. Our three-piece carbon fiber wheels have a separate 100% genuine carbon fiber outer lip (dish).

We can optionally add a layer of carbon fiber paint job on the fully forged aluminum center to get the full carbon fiber look on a complex design. This will give you all the benefits of carbon fiber, including the look, without drawbacks.

So, if you are interested in carbon fiber wheels, contact us. We will guide you through the process.

Note: For keeping our conversation away from your spam folder and ensuring maximum security, sometimes we response through GeniePowered@Gmail.Com