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5 top tips for car tyre safety & maintenance

5 Top Tips for car tyre SAFETY and Maintenance

    1. ROTATE: Rotate your tyres every 5,000 to 10,000 kms to maximize mileage. 
    2. WHEEL ALIGNMENT: When you’re at the tyre shop rotating your tyres, it is also recommended to get a computerized wheel alignment while you’re at it. By rotating your tyres and updating your wheel alignment, you maximize your tyres’ lifetime as well as ensuring even or level tyre-wear from the shoulders across to the centre of the tread pattern.
    3. CHECK INFLATION PRESSURE & TYRE SIZE: Check your OEM recommended inflation pressure on OEM placard (attached to the chassis somewhere around the driver’s door or fuel tank cover) or vehicle’s manufacturer user manual. If you purchased your vehicle from the second hand market, also check the existing tyres are matching your OEM tyre size on the placard and user’s manual.
    4. CHECK FOR EVEN TYRE TREAD-WEAR, PUNCTURES & BUBBLES: Whenever you stop fill up, take a quick look at your tyres to check for even tread-wear, or deflated tyres, which have may have been nail or debris punctured. More dangerously however, regular rubbing or hitting against foot paths or curbs damages the tyre’s inner steel belt construction, which may expose a ‘bubble’ as well as warp your wheels out of alignment. Sidewall bubble are an immediate potential hazard, which may cause a tyre explosion or burst, so take no risks on your safety.
    5. CHECK SUSPENSION & BRAKES: If your tyres have suddenly become noisy (starting to show waves or uneven wear), change your tyres as soon as possible. This is usually due to many various reasons some of which are faulty suspension or worn brakes. It is critical to regularly service your vehicle with an annual thorough inspection for optimum vehicle performance and ultimately of course, your safety.