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About Genie Powered

Who is Genie Powered (aka Tyre Genie)?

Genie Powered is a worldwide retailer of motor vehicle wheels and tyres

Genie Powered, established in 1988, is a worldwide retailer of motor vehicle accessories, wheels, and tyres. We are based in Sydney, with factories, warehouses, and partners all over the world.

We specialize in fully custom made single billet forged wheels of the most premium grade the world can offer (T6-6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum), and we are working in partnership with the best brands in the automobile industry. Since we are in Australia, we have the best in the world raw materials at our disposal. That is why we can ensure the best quality, even in the most unforgiving conditions, such as track racing.

Is Genie Powered trustworthy?

Of course. Genie Powered is a fully legal company and proudly operating from Sydney, Australia. As a result, all our products come with a lifetime warranty, and you can get your money back through a bank directly. We are giving tax and submitting our financial statements to the Australian Government every year. For that, our base currency is in Australian Dollars (AUD). And, we invite you to view our online reputation on our eBay® Store.


What's your privacy and cookie policy?

As an Australian company, the privacy policy of Genie Powered complies with the set standard of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act).

Please note that we use some third-party services from Shopify®, Stripe®, eBay®, Google®, and CommBank® to operate this website, payment system, and our operations. These third-party services have their own privacy and cookie policies. So, please refer to the policies of Shopify, Stripe, eBay, Google, and CommBank to understand how your privacy is being considered by them. Additionally, we use multiple technologies provided by DMO (AmpDMO), so please refer to DMO (AmpDMO) to understand what information you are sharing with them and when.

What is our trading terms and conditions?

Since, we are powered by AmpDMO (DMO.Alt.So), by continuing to use any Genie Powered website, app, service, product, or anything provided, manufactured, distributed, partially-owned, or fully-owned by Genie Powered, you are fully accepting the "DMO Service Terms". The DMO Service Terms full comply with the customary law set by the Australian Government.

By placing an order, you are accepting all our latest policies, including our order policy, shipping policy, return and refund policy, and warranty policy, in full. Please do not order if you are not accepting any of them in full.


How does the Order Process work?

Genie Powered always prefer direct communication. So, no wonder the ordering process involves direct communications. The ordering process as follows:

  1. 1) Check our catalog and chose your desired wheel.
  2. 2) Order or submit buy request.
  3. 3) We will contact you for your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), your vehicle's make, model, build year, your preferred color, your preferred finish, and your desired measurement for customization.
  4. 4) After we settle with the details, we will send you an invoice.
  5. 5) Whenever we get the confirmation and payment, we will proceed to production.
  6. 6) We will send you up to 3 computer-generated draft images of your order with fitment data and all the details.
  7. 7) And, whenever the production is done, inspected, and cleared, we will notify you with the shipping information and tracking number. Your order will be shipped to your front door.

On average, this ordering process takes about half an hour. However, since all your measurements and fitment data must be checked by our professionals, dealing with many orders may cause a bit delay.

Note: Please regularly check your email inbox and spam folder during the ordering process.

How are your products made?

Genie Powered has multiple factories and warehouse facilities all over the world. We remotely operate those establishments from Sydney, and all our products are the result of precision engineering and the best quality metals from Australia.

We have manufacturing plants in Italy, the USA, Japan, and Australia. From those places, we are working with the biggest brands in the automobile industry since our inception in 1988. And, one of our crucial ingredients of success is working with the youth, automobile engineering fresh graduates, and industry experts.

We believe in constant improvement and a sustainable future

Will I get an email with my order details?

Yes. We will email you an invoice for every order you made with us. And remember, your email address is your identification so that no one else can take your bought product. That is why always take extra care to make sure your email address is correct and accessible by you only. Otherwise, we won't be able to resolve any claim.

Having trouble placing an order, can you help?

No worries. For any issue, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you. Like that, if you are experiencing any trouble with order placing, contact us. We may even place an order for you and send your preferred bank an official invoice.

Can I cancel or make any change to my order?

After your payment or confirmation, we are incredibly sorry, you can't cancel or make any change to your order. Our system automatically sends a production request to one of our factories right after you confirm your order. This is instant and designed to save a significant amount of time. However, contact us immediately. We may be able to help you in some cases.

How do I track my order?

You should receive a tracking code or tracking link in your email address if your shipping method includes tracking. If not, then you have to expect delivery within the estimated date. Sometimes, due to stock out or the huge number of orders, your order may require extra time to get delivered to your doorstep. So, having a shipping method that includes tracking is recommended.

I received a wrong/damaged product, what should I do?

Whenever the delivery package(s) arrives, the best practice is carefully unboxing and checking everything instantly in front of the delivery person. If any damage is found, point that to the delivery person and take multiple clear and focused photos of the product and the packaging, including the labels. Ask the delivery person to take necessary actions about the damage and contact us immediately. We will process your claim within three business days and send you a brand new product for free.

If it's a wrong product, contact us immediately. We will send you the right product and take the wrong product free of charge. But, make sure the product sent to you wrong is with you as it was shipped.


When will I get my order?

Genie Powered offers door-to-door free shipping, where free shipping is provided, so your order will come to you. All our default shipping methods for major shipping destinations also include shipping tracking, and the details will be sent to you.

Since most of our wheels are custom made or made to order, for keeping up with our commercial clients, we may require three business days to fulfill your order. Complex design, special materials, carbon fibers, and color choice can also lengthen the process. After fulfillment, you may get a notification, and then it's all down to shipping. Now, we can not control the shipping speed, but you can expect four to six weeks will require for your product to be delivered from the date of purchase. For mainland continental Europe, on average, our products get shipped within three weeks. The average is four weeks for Australia, New Zeland, Middle East, and the USA. Canada and Asia usually require a week more than the USA.

Note: Since the COVID-19 outbreak forced shut many places and still badly impacting transportation, extended shipping time may be required. So, please be in touch with us, we will keep providing you real-time information. And for all the non-forged wheels, check their description. The shipping policy for the non-forged wheels are a bit different than the fully forged.

Where will my order shipped from?

It depends on your purchased product. Not all our factory manufactures all the products from our portfolio. Wherever your order will get shipped from, we will try our best to ensure your order gets to you as soon as possible. Still, you can contact us to know specifically about your ordered product if that's not mentioned anywhere.

How much the shipping cost will be?

One of the most significant benefits of having manufacturing plants and warehouses in multiple locations is offering free shipping. Please have a look at our free shipping eligible destinations. But, where we don't offer free shipping, the shipping cost is usually flat US$1000 per set as the items are oversized and require extra care. The shipping rates and options will be calculated right before checkout or final invoicing.

Our free shipping is economy shipping. We use sea freight to your nearest international port and then your local shipping company to deliver directly to your door.

Will I get charged local import duties or taxes by my local Import Customs Authorities?

Maybe as customs policies are not the same worldwide and it keeps changing. Depending on regions, customs or governments may impose additional taxes, duties, fees, or charges. And these are not under our control, so you have to clear it even after free shipping from us. So, please check with your local customs office, port authority, or shipping company to be sure.

Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

We will say no. To make the shipping time as short and as efficient as possible, we don't allow any changes after an order gets confirmed. So, please check again and again your address, including your unit number and all other details at every step.

My order should've arrived by now, but I still haven't received it. What should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible with your order number but make sure you have done the followings:

  • Look for any mistake in the delivery address of your shipping confirmation email
  • Check with your local post office, they might have your package
  • Talk with your neighbors if the courier left your package with them

Packages are usually delivered during business hours by your local couriers. So, please ensure the courier can find you at your delivery address. If you're expecting a home delivery and you know you won't be home to accept it, use an address where you know you'll be. Terms of delivery varies on couriers.

If you did find a mistake in your delivery address from our end, we can send you a replacement order, but you may have to pay the shipping cost. We will try our best to make sure there's no added cost to you.


Can I cancel my confirmed order?

Yeah, but only if we tell you that the product is not in stock or delivery will be delayed. Upon cancellation, you will get a full refund, including the fees charged on the top of the price. Remember, you will have only 48 hours to cancel such an order. For any made to order product, no cancellation request will be accepted.

Can I return or exchange?

Unless stated otherwise, extremely sorry, but no. We don't accept returns and exchanges without any valid reason. So, be sure before you are ordering. However, if there's any problem or fault from our side, please let us know immediately. You have a week in your hand for notifying us. After that time period, we won't be able to help you with return or exchange.

Can I exchange an item for a different size or a different color?

Unless stated otherwise, nope, sorry about that. Still, feel free to contact us. However, if your product is a made to order product, there is nothing we can do. So, always check your size requirements. In terms of color, it is obvious that your digital screen color setup and screen type massively impact images. While we use the industry-defined standard colors, the color of your expectation may not be the same.

Do you offer refunds?

Yeah, we do. However, only when you have received a damaged or wrong physical product, not for a digital product. And you have to notify the delivery person immediately. If you are receiving your product from your local post office or a nominated pick-up point, always check your product before leaving its premises.

For the products we have accepted as returns or cancellation, we may or may not issue a full refund. For example, for tyres, around 20% re-stocking fee applies on refunds. Always check the relevant product description to be sure.


What does the "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

Lifetime warranty here at Genie Powered means the warranty assurance on structural rigidity and finish for the product's expected lifespan. With reasonable usage, wheels can have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years.

Note: For tyre warranty, please refer to the warranty policy of your tyres' manufacturers. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or aftersales support. Usually, we can contact with the tyre manufacturers on behalf of our customers.

How could my wheel's warranty be deemed void?

For wheels, if you spray the wheels with harmful chemicals or not supported cleaning products, your warranty will be deemed void. And the warranty does not cover any wear-tear, accidental damage, scratch, or gutter rash as well. Additionally, if your wheels get damaged due to misalignment, overweight, or tire imbalance, your warranty will be void. So, always make sure you have installed the wheels by professionals without any scratch, and you are driving on a typical road by avoiding potholes or bumps. Always avoid the roads where salts are used for deicing. For cleaning, spray glass cleaner to a piece of soft clean fabric and wipe gently. Or, simply use touchable hot water and mild soap. You can put one or two coats of soft wax if you really need to. Never use anything that can damage the clear coat.

Could my new wheels void my factory vehicle warranty?

Unless otherwise stated, all the Genie Powered products are safe and comply with vehicle warranty. On top of that, as per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)), no vehicle manufacturer can void a vehicle's warranty without proving aftermarket part's significance on the failure to the vehicle.

Why some tyres mention no warranty?

Over time, tyres get old, even when unused and in stock. The old tyres, mentioned with "DOT" year, for example, "DOT 2015", are too old to offer a warranty because manufacturers design tyres with a limited lifespan. After that lifespan, the quality drops, which maybe won't meet the manufacturer's standards. So, any tyre mentioned not to have a warranty does not have a warranty.


What are my wheel customization options?

With Genie Powered, you can customize: rim diameter, rim width, offset/backspace/X-factor/brake caliper clearance, colors (to any compatible), finishing textures (like high gloss, matt, graphite, and more), centre lock, and brand logo. Most of the time, the customizations don't cost anything. However, remember, your customized wheel or wheelset is your responsibility. We can recommend the best fitment, but we won't take any responsibility for fitting anything beyond that.