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When it is necessary to order custom made forged wheels

When it is necessary to order custom made forged wheels?

Elite or Exotic High-Performance cars are very unique in the manufacturing. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to find a specific fitment for your beloved special car in the style or design you really like. 


For example, if you own a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 2016 (991). Stock standard this vehicle came out with 19inch wheels which look outdated by now. 


You’d like to upgrade your existing rims and tyres to update its looks and performance with a 20inch diameter front wheels and 21inch rears to make it look like a current 992 Carrera 4S (AeroDynamic Split System) as well as replicate its handling cornering performance! Also, maybe you’d like to use for some excitement on circuit race track so you need some serious gear!


You start shopping around at your local tire centre or tyre store, you hardly find anything suitable and far from what you have in mind. So you go as far as contacting the Porsche dealership where you bought your car only to find exaggerated pricing and still unable to get the wheel model you really have your heart set on.


In this case, the most convenient solution that ticks all the boxes, is to order custom made forged wheels fully customized to order.



- Extreme Race Track Performance

- Top Speed in the Shortest possible Time

- Maximize Performance When Pushing Vehicle to its limits under extreme conditions

- Maximum Strength

- Maximum Safety

- Super Light Weight

- Optimum Acceleration with Least Drag

- Shortest Braking Distance

- Peak Performance and Power

- Optimised Cornering Grip

- Maximum Fuel Efficiency



- Flexible Technical Fitment Specification Configurations

- Latest and most Stylish Designs

- Modern Bespoke Look

- Unique Personalised Customization by design, color coding, powder coating and a vast array of customized finishing including anodizing

- Aerodynamic Split systems of modern-day elite motoring technology

- Centre-Lock or centralized single nut-lock specifically made for super cars