PN 223 - Aftermarket Custom Made Fully Forged Wheels Set To Fit Porsche 911 997 991 992 718

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These wheels have just one purpose, blistering performance at the track. However, it does not mean these are useless on normal road use. Originally for 911s, these wheels are built to last and provide extraordinary performance, even between the set of lights. Moreover, thanks to Genie Powered, these wheels can fit yours too.

We pride ourselves on being a manufacturer of aftermarket aerospace-grade fully forged aluminum custom made wheels to suit most luxury prestige motor vehicles, ultra-high performance cars, and super exotics. From stock standard rims to two pieces modular or even three-piece composite, you dream it, and we design and build it!

All our products are OEM quality and exceed international wheel-rim manufacturing standards set by the TÜV and JLL.


  • Condition: Brand New (made to order)
  • Wheel Type: Fully Forged Aluminum
  • Process: 10,000 Ton Pressure Forging
  • Rim Material: T6-6061 Aerospace Grade
  • Rim Structure: Single Block (Billet)
  • Load Rating: WX (learn more)
  • Number of Nuts/Bolts: 5 per Wheel
  • Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD): 130
  • Centre Caps: 4 Included
  • Fitment Nuts: 20 Included
  • Warranty: Product Lifetime
  • Product Origin: Salerno, Italy
  • Shipping: Door-to-Door Free Shipping
  • Default Color: High Polish Euro Silver

Default Measurements (as priced):

  • Setup: Aerodynamic Split
  • Front Rim: R20
  • Rear Rim: R21
  • Front Size: 8.5J
  • Rear Size: 11.5J
  • Front Offset: + 53 mm
  • Rear Offset: + 67 mm
  • Unit Weight: On Request

Customizability (contact us):

  • Car Make and Model: Any
  • Rim Diameter: R17 to R24
  • Base Color: Any (if compatible)
  • Lip Color: Any (if compatible)
  • Centre Caps: Car Make Logo
  • Finishing: Any (if compatible)


  • The price applies to the full wheels set, 4 (four) wheels
  • All the Genie Powered policies apply to the product
  • Free shipping is only available to the eligible countries
  • Not compatible with vehicles designed with center locks
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